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Fine Art Investment

Dear Philanthropist, Fine Art Patron and/or Investor,

Thank you for visiting my bronze sculpture on-line Gallery, your interest in my work and my proposal! As you know by now, I am a bronze sculptor and I am seeking a partner, financial Investor, philanthropist and/or bronze sculpture collector with strong appreciation of bronze sculpture; the creation and casting process, with a desire to be involved in the fine arts.

Your Financial Capital Investment is needed for my vision of a Bronze sculpture fine art complex. This business is a community and tourism oriented clean industry giving you the opportunity for close involvement in the Arts. We have inventory (assets), but lack necessary capital.

I invite you to contact me to discuss my confidential plans if this sounds like something that you would be interested in pursuing and would like more details of my vision.

Please call Don at 541-524-1633. (Hours: 8:00AM to 8:00PM PST)

Serious inquiries only, please!

Thank you again and God Bless you!  Shalom……


Donald Beck

Bronze Sculptor

P.S. This has been a long time vision of mine and after much prayer I feel led to seek an investor, partner and/or philanthropist who would like to be a part of my vision, plans and future goals; as all great things take both an idea and financial capital to turn dreams into realities.

“With God all things are possible…..”

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